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Ring Toss

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Wooden, Outdoor games



"Ring Toss" - An outdoor fun classic!

Elevate your outdoor meetups with the tried and tested fun of Ring Toss - a fun game that combines skill, strategy, and friendly competition. Designed for free time and friendly gatherings, this set is perfect for family gatherings, picnics, visits to the beach, and trips in nature.


Simple, but competitive play: Challenge your friends and family to a game of precision! Aim, throw, and score point by landing your rings on the targets.

Outdoor fun: Regardless of whether you're enjoying the sun or relaxing under the strarry skies, Ring Toss offers endless fun. Simply set the game up in your garden, on the beach, or any other outdoor space and enjoy hours of fun.

Unforgettable bonding moments: Ring Toss is not merely a game; it is a catalyst for unforgettable memories. Gather those close to you, create precious memories and smile, as you enjoy friendly competition.


Includes: 6 rings and 1 target
Material: The rings are made of quality rope, and the target is made from wood
Dimensions: 49 × 49 × 9 cm
Suitable for outdoor use

Experience the joy of Ring Toss today!



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